What Women Are Saying:

What Women Are Saying:

“I can assure you that I have already and will in the future save far more than the program costs by not making the wrong purchases.” – Melinda Garvey, Austin Woman Magazine publisher

Style Profile – Nomadic Planner

This client works in environmental planning with lots of men (yes, we see a pattern in my clients’ work environment).  She’s the “Nomadic Planner” because when she’s not planning at her corporate office, she’s traveling to exotic locales and speaking adventure.  We talk about both her personal and professional styles that are tied together by […]

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VIP of Wanderlust Style Profile

Since Pinterest refuses to cooperate with my linking programs (grrrr!), I’m creating posts for my clients that feature the design and color elements that their style guides discuss.  My first post is for my “VIP of Wanderlust.”  She’s the Chief Family Officer at home, property manager by day, social partner for  executive hubby’s business dinners […]

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A Sad Story About Stretch Marks

I’ve had stretch marks on my legs since a growth spurt in my early teens. Many of us have them from puberty, child birth, weight gain, body building, etc. They are stubborn, and a constant reminder of body changes through the years. Worse, they can scare you away from wearing shorts, swimsuits, and lingerie. I […]

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30 Minutes with JB — Still Laughing!

What better way to talk about a style makeover than with local celebs JB Hager of Classic 105.3 FM and Melinda Garvey of Austin Woman Magazine? We had a blast in the studio and covered lots of territory, from my Signature Style Program to new consumer trends favoring small brands that reflect women’s values.  This […]

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Austin Woman Mag Says YES to Style Program

What is my Signature Style Program all about? Austin Woman Magazine Publisher Melinda Garvey shares her experience on developing her signature style in the April 2015 issue.  Read about the process, the benefits, and the emotional effects of letting go of what’s not working and nurturing your own unique style. Your closet isn’t the only thing […]

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18 Cool Comfort Shoes & How To Style Them

“The thought of wearing most of the shoes in this post makes me want to cry,” Audrey (@cremescometrue) lamented. She was right. The “comfort shoes” featured in a blog for #Over40 women depicted a geriatric catalog called “Giving Up.” I’m no stranger to foot problems or knee problems.  Years of wearing 3 inch(+) heels all […]

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Video: Poolside Chic & Swimsuit Workshop

When Good Day Austin heard about my “No Tears Swimsuit Workshop” in Austin on May 9th @ 1:30PM they kindly invited me to give their audience a taste of what this two-hour event is all about. Amanda Salinas and I talk about how important the first impression is — which is when you show up […]

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5 Habits To Your Emotional Rescue

How are we all doing on our New Year’s Resolutions? Honestly? I’m doing marginal on mine — at best. Given the fact that only 8 percent of people achieve the New Year’s resolutions they set each time the ball drops (according to Forbes), my guilt is also marginal. The American Psychological Association suggests setting small, […]

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What NOT To Wear To Work

“We see too many women coming to work wearing inappropriate things.” I’ve heard this multiple times from female professionals and HR managers in a variety of industries. Part of the problem is the advice fashion magazines, designers, retailers and bloggers publish claiming non-traditional styles to be the “new office attire” in an effort to be […]

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Spring Trends Clip on #GoodDayAustin

My friends at Dillard’s Barton Creek asked me to be their ambassador for Good Day Austin’s feature on Spring Trends.  It was such an honor to work with host Amanda Salinas in showcasing trends that translate well for woman and men of any age. Note, these are not professional models!  They are Dillard’s employees who […]

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