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SheSpark is the new digital magazine for #Over40 women who still have that fire within and want it to shine. Click the pic to READ IT NOW.

SheSpark is LIVE!

I’m so excited to announce the premiere issue of SheSpark, a digital magazine dedicated to style/beauty/wellness topics for women over 40.  Please take a look at the magazine and send me your feedback. This couldn’t have happened without my business partner Audrey Stefanik, designer Mary Hester, and all our contributors and emerging brands.  Please show […]

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Menopause: Can You Cure The Curse?

The most frustrating part about not being able to treat menopause is that most doctors say: “All tests indicate you’re fine.”  “Synthetic hormones are your best option.”  “This is natural, just grin and bear it.” In The Menopause Cure, Hormonal Health, author Jill D. Davey tackles the menopause bull by the horns and debunks the myths, […]

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10 Ways To UP Your Image in 2016

Most New Year resolutions focus on goals or activities designed to make us look and feel better about ourselves. And no wonder! There are a lot of impossible standards that women (especially #over40) feel the need to conquer. But there’s no need to turn to risky procedures or money-wasting trends and gimmicks. Below are the […]

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Color Up Your Party Dress: A Definitive Guide

Are you in a “black rut” when it comes to party dresses?  If so, you’re not the only one. It’s the #1 complaint from my clients. My friend Rosy, a self-proclaimed black clothing addict, jumped out of her comfort zone and wore a flattering blue floral dress and purple pashmina to her office holiday party. She received a shower of […]

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It’s LIVE! “SheSpark Holiday Gift Guide”

We’re thrilled to feature emerging brands and rising stars in the first ever SheSpark Holiday Gift Guide! Please buy  from these brands that cater to modern women’s needs and create a positive impact socially, economically, and environmentally. Happy Holidays From All Your SheSpark Friends!   Featuring bloggers: Lynnis Woods-Mullins of Wellness Woman Magazine Stacie Hamilton […]

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What To Buy for An #Over40 Woman?

Us #Over40 ladies can be a tough crowd to shop for over the holidays. So here are three tips for choosing stylish gifts that bust myths we hear every day.   MYTH: “She has everything already!” REALITY: I can’t think of anyone who really has everything. This is when it’s time to find customized pieces like […]

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Feature YOUR Brand in the SheSpark Holiday Gift Guide

3 for $9 Feature up to 3 of your products for only $9(US). What an affordable way to put your emerging style, beauty or wellness brand in front of thousands of female consumers and influencers! Makeup Clothing Skincare & hair care Jewelry Accessories Supplements Books/e-books Webinars Videos Any style/beauty/wellness product or service for women! Traditional […]

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Minimalist Fashion: Mother’s Little Helper

Are you overly stressed at work? Is decision-making a burden? Do you crave tranquility? Before you grab your pill box, try minimalist fashion as the antidote. A term for architecture stripped down to its essential quality and simplicity, minimalism can be a tool for getting “centered” in mind and spirit. Here are a few tips […]

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How I Stop Sweat Stains

Hot summer days. Stressful power meetings. Winter layers indoors. They all lead to sweat stains– and not just discoloration. I’m talking the visibly damp underarms, back, thighs or cleavage (under AND over). They tell vicious tales like “I’m nervous” or “I’m working too hard” or “I’m hormonal.” I’ve struggled with sweat since puberty from my […]

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How To Look Like A Rock Star #Over40

My two favorite passions: Fashion and music.  Especially rolled into one. To my absolute delight, the Grammy Museum in L.A. mixes them like DJ Mia Moretti, and I got a big taste of it a couple of weeks ago.  The famous outfits and statement pieces are just as memorable as the songs themselves thanks mostly to mass […]

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