Sign Up for No-Tears Swimsuit Shopping Event!

Sign Up for No-Tears Swimsuit Shopping Event!

Tired of dreading swimsuit season?  Bring a friend to this workshop & shopping trip for tips, goodie bags & swimsuit discounts from Dillard’s Barton Creek! Click Live Events to sign up.

5 Habits To Your Emotional Rescue

How are we all doing on our New Year’s Resolutions? Honestly? I’m doing marginal on mine — at best. Given the fact that only 8 percent of people achieve the New Year’s resolutions they set each time the ball drops (according to Forbes), my guilt is also marginal. The American Psychological Association suggests setting small, […]

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What NOT To Wear To Work

“We see too many women coming to work wearing inappropriate things.” I’ve heard this multiple times from female professionals and HR managers in a variety of industries. Part of the problem is the advice fashion magazines, designers, retailers and bloggers publish claiming non-traditional styles to be the “new office attire” in an effort to be […]

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Spring Trends Clip on #GoodDayAustin

My friends at Dillard’s Barton Creek asked me to be their ambassador for Good Day Austin’s feature on Spring Trends.  It was such an honor to work with host Amanda Salinas in showcasing trends that translate well for woman and men of any age. Note, these are not professional models!  They are Dillard’s employees who […]

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How To Wear Gingham #Over40Style

“I’d have to try it on to be sure I didn’t look like Pollyanna. #WomenOver50 need to be cautious with Gingham” declared @AWellStyledLife (Twitter) in response to my suggesting a DVF gingham dress as her summer go-to. She’s right. After a lively discussion, it seemed appropriate to write a post about how to pull off […]

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Personal Branding Sells Cars

My friends at (David Villa and Dave Cribbs)  invited me to discuss the impact of personal branding/personal image on dealership reputations and car sales. We cover everything from the almighty first impression, to attracting the right clients, color psychology and common styling mistakes that could cost you the deal. WATCH THE VIDEO NOW! If you’d […]

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How To Style A Jumpsuit For Your Body

I love jumpsuits but they can be oh-so-tricky. Here are styling options you can buy right here with tips based on body type.  Have fun! Taiho Black Jumpsuit US $171 (Buy it now) Why I like it:  There is built-in bra support so it works fairly well unless you’re over a DD cup. The straight-leg design […]

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How To Avoid 5 Yoga Pants Fails

Mirrors lie. Sunlight reveals. Cameras are cruel. I can’t imagine the women caught in these yoga pants fails are aware of what’s happening.  These fails happen daily. On the street. Otherwise, I might consider these pics Rated R.  If you find yourself out and about wearing this garment, consider these preventative measures. And always look […]

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How To Be Curvalicious Like Christina

Mad Men would be Sad Men without the smart and sumptuous Joan Holloway.  Read my advice on how actress Christina Hendricks shows off her assets yet keeps it classy in real life. Thanks to Fox News Magazine and my fellow stylists for making this a useful and entertaining article. 10 Glamorous Style Lessons from Christina […]

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2015 Resolution & “How Did I Get Here?”

I had quite a lofty resolution post drafted and ready to go “live” on Jan 5th.  But the universe had something else in mind for me and my resolution.  The original post cited my three-pronged strategy for losing 21 lbs in 180 days– and I’d already started executing my plan. Then, on Jan 3rd, all […]

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The Gift of an Advantage

Recent or soon-to-be graduates are always looking for a clear advantage over their peers.  Whether it’s entering the workforce or competing in the world of admissions, what can a woman do to stand out from the crowd? “Socially Smart & Savvy” is an excellent handbook that covers the basics for developing a personal brand, presenting […]

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