10 Sexy Over 40 Style Strategies

It’s no secret that I don’t have the body I had 20 years ago. My abs were my best asset, and I loved to show them off in crop tops and low-rise jeans. Pregnancy, a hysterectomy, and age changed the landscape– so to speak.  These changes forced me to re-evaluate my sexy over 40 style strategies when it comes to “keeping it hot.”

It is time to admit that 20-year olds will always win when it comes to baring smooth-skinned thighs, perky cleavage, and even (sigh) sculpted abs. One might ask, “Are women of a ‘certain age’ beyond sex appeal?” Some women may throw in the towel and throw on their muumuus. I, for one, am not willing to go quietly into that dowdy, dark night.

Here are 10 style strategies that keep you looking and feeling sexy at any age. Which are your favorites?

  1. Form-fitting clothes. Hiding under baggie clothes is never sexy. Use form instead of flesh to accentuate your best asset.
  2. Matching bra and panties.  True, you might be the only one who knows they match, but it will make you feel more sexy, which is MORE SEXY!  Be sure the bra fits properly, giving real “lift.” Most women are wearing a band that’s too big with a cup that’s too small.
  3. With Michelle Lesniak of Project Runway. Wearing my bustier over my dress!

    With Michelle Lesniak of Project Runway. Wearing my bustier over my dress!

    Sheer fabric accents.  One of my favorite LBD’s is a short-sleeved, knee length sheath that shows zero cleavage. But the sheer fabric from bust-line to neckline “wows” when I wear it on date night.

  4. Long bangs.  My hairdresser told me “Short bangs are cute, long bangs are sexy.” Hair that appears to have movement is touchable and desirable.
  5. Body jewelry. Try wearing it under the sheer fabric! It feels seductive against your skin, and the hint of it will drive him wild. Wearing it over your clothes is also hot, just be sure the time and place are appropriate.
  6. Leather. Jackets, skirts, knee boots, pants… Suede, patent,or distressed. Leather’s rebellious yet touchable nature implies sexy.
  7. Red.  Studies show that the color red makes the heart beat faster and arouses those who see it and wear it. Red lipsticks, dresses, shoes.  Just be sure the shade you choose flatters your personal color scheme.  A trained color analyst can help if you’re not sure.
  8. Lace.  Lace is a boudoir fabric. Enough said.
  9. Cover July 2016

    Melanie Kobayashi rocks this corset belt for the SheSpark cover. Click to read more!

    Corset belts/bustiers.  They give the illusion of an hourglass figure and look fantastic over a blouse or dress. It implies sexy without being revealing.

  10. Smize.  Tyra Banks popularized this alluring term on America’s Next Top Model.  It’s smiling with your eyes.  Look straight into your target’s eyes and smize.  Very sexy. Very effective. Think of it as how you look at someone who gets the private joke.


If you have a sexy over 40 style strategy that doesn’t require “baring it all,” please share it!


Thea Wood
Signature Stylist
SheSpark Co-publisher

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