30 Minutes with JB — Still Laughing!

Johnny, Thea, Melinda, JB

Johnny, Thea, Melinda, JB

What better way to talk about a style makeover than with local celebs JB Hager of Classic 105.3 FM and Melinda Garvey of Austin Woman Magazine?

We had a blast in the studio and covered lots of territory, from my Signature Style Program to new consumer trends favoring small brands that reflect women’s values.  This is #Over40 friendly banter (you’d never know it from how young we look in this picture), but it’s appropriate for any age!

Listen to the full 30-minute “Let’s Talk” broadcast here and leave your comments below. I’ll be sure to share them with JB (and partner in crime Johnny Desjardins) and Melinda.  Tune into 105.3FM online or Austin-area radio each Thursday at 8AM for more exciting talks featuring women’s topics and influencers.

Let’s Talk with Signature Stylist Thea Wood & Publisher Melinda Garvey 

Ready to create a signature style that says who you are and where you’re going? Contact me for individual consultations, group seminars, or public speaking events.


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