Creating An Over 40 Signature Style

We’ve all said it: “I wish my style were like [fill in the blank].”  Common names that my clients fill in are Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington (more specifically her character Olivia Pope from Scandal), and Meryl Streep.  So what is it about these women and other over 40 style muses that we want to emulate?

In short, they’ve created a signature style that’s visually in line with their personalities and lifestyles.  This visual harmony organically boosts confidence, which is an extremely attractive trait that trumps any definition of outer beauty. Aniston corners the market on the girl-next-door t-shirt and jeans ensemble.  Tilda Swinton commands attention with striking gender-bending flare.  The petite Iris Apfel’s plus-size personality radiates from her artisan-inspired ensembles of colors, patterns, and beads.  For some, styling comes naturally. For others, a little extra help can make all the difference.  It’s never too late!

Your personality, goals, and body architecture are unique to you. Studying over-40 style muses for ideas is a start, but designing a signature style requires some self discovery and creativity. Here are three easy strategies upon which you can start building a signature style that says who you are and where you’re going. #OwnIt !

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Thea BlazersThis is the strategy for someone who perhaps is not a fashionista, hates shopping, or would rather not think about what to wear every morning. If this sounds boring to you, skip to the next strategy. If it sounds like a saving grace, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.   Ellen DeGeneres loves her casual pants, button up tops, and blazers. If you want to wear a dress every day (such an easy uniform), wear a dress every day! My winter uniform circles around colorful blazers and slacks. Design a uniform that works for your body type and lifestyle.


Some women look fantastic in one color that resonates with their physical traits as well as personality or artistic mood.  Sharon Lechter (author of Think & Grow Rich for Women) declared that 2016 is her Red Year. A client of mine is in love with jade and wears it daily (even as just an accessory). If wearing one color is too limiting, try a tri-color approach.  Each season, choose a neutral and two colors, and build your wardrobe upon those colors.  Everything mixes and matches– which means you’re lowering your cost per wear on every garment. Here’s an example of my white (neutral), navy and red summer scheme. My e-book will help you pick colors that best flatter your natural beauty.

Thea Color Capsule






This is a favorite for many women– especially my plus-size or tall friends who can carry large scale pieces with ease.  It doesn’t matter if you love earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, or all of them!  Be creative in layering pieces over fabrics.  Choose bold colors to liven up a neutral outfit.  Experiment! Play!  But watch out for overdoing it.  The eye needs a place to rest.  And too many “statements” can lead to a visual message that speaks in tongues. One statement piece at a time is more than enough, especially in the work place.  I’m a big fan of conversation pieces– like Honey & Abernathy’s blessed jewelry, or Sarah Martin Bemrich’s Texas inspired hand-beaded necklaces.  One of my clients collect vintage jewelry and always receives positive feedback and inquiries on their origins.  She loves the style and social boost her statement jewelry gives her.

If you’d like to learn all five Signature Style Strategies in detail with a helpful worksheet, pre-order my FREE e-book “Designing Your Signature Style After 40” by signing up for my newsletter (sign up form is on the right side of this page or email


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