Austin Woman Mag Says YES to Style Program

What is my Signature Style Program all about?


Austin Woman Magazine Publisher Melinda Garvey shares her experience on developing her signature style in the April 2015 issue.  Read about the process, the benefits, and the emotional effects of letting go of what’s not working and nurturing your own unique style.

Your closet isn’t the only thing that will look and feel amazing!

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Side note: Shortly after completing her program, Melinda and I met at an Austin Woman Magazine event. She wore an outfit we styled from her closet– a previously unworn dress she thought needed to be tossed. Using her new styling knowledge and tools, she knocked the look out of the park. Paraphrasing her:  “I can’t believe all the compliments I’m getting. Even from strangers at Starbucks!”

Here are Timeless Style tips from Austin-based stylists (including myself) from the June 2015 issue.

If you’re ready to create a signature style that says who you are and where you’re going, please contact me.  I’m here to help!

sqWeb_Thea_Wood-5030-EditThea Wood
Austin’s Signature Stylist
“Because You’re Going Places”

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