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Last night, Audrey and I were excited to host #SheSparkChat on Twitter and our special guest Penny Kjellberg, co-founder of Simone France. You may remember the SheSpark interview with her revealing French Women’s Beauty Secrets that really help over 40 skin. New York-based celebs have consulted Penny and her team for years, so I’m thrilled that she took the time to answer quite a few in the brief time we had available.


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In case you missed the chat, below is a transcript of the Q&A (minus the audience questions) with two bonus answers that didn’t appear in the live chat.  When you finish reading, I highly encourage you to take the Simone France Skin Type Quiz. You can also contact Simone France for a free phone or Skype consult.

I took the quiz and have begun my new regime this past week.  I have to say, it’s easier than I expected and I’m feeling the difference already.

SS:  Let’s get #SheSparkChat started!  Welcome to @simone_france co-founder, Penny!

PK:  Hi, everyone! Happy to be here talking #skincare tonight at #SheSparkChat

SS: .@simone_france #skincare company is now run by 3 sisters-in-law. But it began with the work of one woman: Simone France #SheSparkChat

SS:  In her secret apartment, she worked with celebrities & #beauty insiders. Vogue called her “Manhattan’s Last Beauty Secret” #SheSparkChat

SS: Q1: Simone France seems like such a mysterious woman with her scecret address and formulas.  How did you meet her? #SheSparkChat

PK:  A1: You are correct she’s a very private person – always wanted the focus on the products and not on herself. #SheSparkChat

PK:  A1: In 1997 I still had my PR agency and one of my clients was a French product lab. Simone was their media spokesperson.

PK:  A1:  We went around to the beauty editors together, talking about French #skincare & #beauty.  #SheSparkChat

PK:  A1:  I saw immediately Simone had something unique.  We formed the website company in 1999. #SheSparkChat

SS: Q2: What is the basic philosophy of French #Skincare & #Beauty routines? #SheSparkChat

PK: A2: French #Skincare has Two Main Things: 1. Follow a simple routine that works for you EVERY morning & evening. No skipping! #SheSparkChat

PK: A2:  When you find what works for you, you STICK WITH IT.  Don’t go running after every new trend that comes along. #SheSparkChat

SS:  Q3: @simone_france says, “What you take off your skin is more important than what you put on it.” What do we need to take off?

PK: A3: It’s a 2 pronged approach. The less you apply to your skin, the better. The fewest products & ingredients are best. #SheSparkChat

PK:  A3: And what you do apply must be wiped and absorbed off thoroughly with a cloth. #SheSparkChat

PK:  A3: 1000 splashes might feel clean, but much is left behind that builds up every day.  #SheSparkChat

PK:  A3:  Products may have great ingredients, but their remnants build up on your skin day after day causing #skin problems. #SheSparkChat

SS: Q4:  Simone France #skincare is rooted in simplicity of ingredients.  What are some of your tried and true ingredients?  #SheSparkChat

PK:  A4: Many see our ingredients as passé, but what they really are is CLASSIC and PROVEN.  #SheSparkChat

PK:  A4: For dry skin it’s definitely lanolin.  Lanolin is the closest to human sebum and is a real boon for very dry skin. #SheSparkChat

PK:  A4: For very sensitive skin, emu oil is wonderful.  Hospitals use it on patients with radiation burns. You can use it on infants #SheSparkChat

SS:  Q5: The @simone_france #skincare routine requires products be applied in a specific order. How important is this for results #SheSparkChat

PK: A5: So much attention is paid to formulas with zero attention on HOW you use them. It is amazingly important to the results! #SheSparkChat

PK:  A5: We call our morning #skincare routine “The Sandwich” because…#SheSparkChat

PK:  A5: Eating a piece of bread, cheese & a spoonful of mustard separately would never give the same result as eating a sandwich #SheSparkChat

PK:  A5: First moisturizer to soften & protect from the drying effects of the soap (which is the world’s best skin cleanser) #SheSparkChat

PK: A5: Next the scrub to exfoliate & clear pores, then soap to clean it all away. Wiping with our cloths is most important of all #SheSparkChat

SS: Q6: Can you use a few products without the entire routine? #SheSparkChat

PK:  A6: Sure, you can just use our moisturizer or any of our masks. But the real benefits come with our proper cleansing. #SheSparkChat

PK: A6: When it comes to AM and PM cleansing, you will see a dramatic change in your skin with our layering routine #SheSparkChat

SS:  Q7: What are some of the most common mistakes we make with our #skincare routines? #SheSparkChat

PK:  A7: Being too aggressive and trying to beat your skin into submission. #SheSparkChat

PK:  A7: “Zapping” zits & “fighting” wrinkles beats up on your skin.  Don’t be surprised if it’s red, sensitive, broken out or dry #SheSparkChat

PK:  A7: Thinking that one miracle product or one miracle ingredient will do it all. That leads to disappointment every time #SheSparkChat

PK:  A7: Not cleaning your skin at night is a big mistake. #SheSparkChat

SS: Q8:  I love your #Skincare Quiz and your personal consultations through the website. Why is this so important? #SheSparkChat

PK:  A8: We recreate having a facial with Simone herself, starting with frank conversation about your skin. As good facials should #SheSparkChat

PK:  A8: With knowledge of what you do to your skin, lifestyle, sensitivities & problems, we can prescribe an individual regimen #SheSparkChat

PK:  A8: We often hear “I’ve tried everything. Nothing works.” We explain why that’s happening & how to stop making the mistakes #SheSparkChat

PK:  A8: That’s why our system is passed down from grandmothers to mothers to granddaughters #SheSparkChat.


SS: You can fill out the QUICK @simone_france #Skincare QUIZ here: Free advice from the experts! #SheSparkChat

SS:  See Audrey’s review of @simone_france #skincare here:!simone-france-review/l69cv #SheSparkChat

PK: Thank you @cremescometrue and @Over40Style. I’ve enjoyed tweeting with #SheSparkChat!

SS: Follow @SheSparkChat @Over40Style & @cremescometrue for daily style & beauty tips.  See you at the Septeber #SheSparkChat

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