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Rarely do I endorse skin care products, so believe me when I say that Chanel’s CC Cream Correction Complete will change your morning routine for the better.

My friend Tony at Dillard’s Chanel counter (The Galleria & Barton Creek) used it in a recent freebie makeover. I was skeptical at best. Tony said it’s based on what the Chinese are doing in skin whitening formulas– something they hold sacred as a culture. It didn’t disappoint. I looked in the mirror and realized that my hyper-pigmentation was almost invisible– and we hadn’t even put foundation on. I was sold, and the cream went home with me.

At-Home Review

The CC cream has since replaced foundation all together. Now, I apply the CC cream, a touch of blush and lightly powder my face. No creasing in my makeup, my pores look smoother and most importantly, my skin tone looks even and bright all day. It also has SPF — a score in Texas.

A few things to note:
1. It took me a while to get the amount right. A little goes a LONG way. Even now, I find that the mini-chocolate chip dot is more than plenty.
2. I’ve found a brush works better than my fingers, but try both and see which leaves you with a more even look.
3. Under eye concealer is still needed to minimize dark circles, but they’re easier to hide 🙂
4. Make sure the cream and makeup have time to “set” before entering hot climates. If I start perspiring too quickly, the little beads of sweat turn slightly whitish. It’s easy to dab away with a tissue or oil blotter without losing the skin tone. Just add a touch of powder for added re-assurance.

At age 44, My skin looks the best in years thanks to Chanel’s CC Complete Correction cream. I rushed to have my BFF Lisa try it and she said it held up well even on the open water in San Fransisco. How’s that for doing the job?

Before & After photos have no touch ups, no foundation, just a hint of powder. If you want to see more photos, let me know.

I’d love to be your personal stylist.  More than just a personal shopper, we’ll customize a style plan that suits your body and lifestyle needs.

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Signature Stylist - Because You're Going Places

Signature Stylist – Because You’re Going Places

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