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My friend Lea Eiseman is the Pantone guru

My friend Lea Eiseman is the Pantone guru who trends seasonal colors. It’s all about tangerine this spring– if it matches your personal color palette!

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2012’s Best Diet? The One That Matches Your Body Type

When you sign up for one of my style programs, you’ll learn many things about your body architecture, including what is referred to as your “body type” or body shape. It’s a major factor in determining how to put together flattering outfit. Much to my surprise, I found out that your body type can also […]

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Winter Warm-ups – How To Wear Wraps, Ponchos & Boots This Season

Winter is just about here and you can tell because Austin day temps are in the 60 and 70 degree range.  That’s 30-40 degrees cooler than what our thin skin and blood are accustomed! So it’s time to talk about two trends that fit the season and our local weather. I’ve included guidelines for different […]

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Beauty Pays – UT Prof Proves It

“Do you know Dr. Daniel Hamermesh?” asked Barry Lovelace of Compass Settings about four months ago.  No, I hadn’t. What would I have in common with an economics professor at University of Texas? Curiosity got the better of me– and I’m glad it did! Dr. Hamermesh directed a number studies that became known as “The […]

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Must-Have Speed Dial Style Picks

Must-Have Speed Dial Style Picks This is a list of local experts who can make your day!  They have special niches that make them stand out from the crowd, and I personally use them all on a regular basis. Put them on your speed dial and share with your friends. They’ll thank you for it! […]

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The Myth of Ready-To-Wear

This blog typically addresses challenges that we all have in styling ourselves to look and feel our best in any situation.  This week, we’re going to address a topic that many of my male and female clients logically struggle with in shopping for their particular body types: The Myth of Ready-To-Wear. Ready-To-Wear, a.k.a. Pret-A-Porter, is […]

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Is The Office Guy Giving Good Datewear Advice?

    You may have come across “Dan The Office Guy” from Daily Candy.  He’s a good looking, young bloke who dispenses advice via short videos in response to dating-fashion-technology questions from a man’s point of view.  He recently caught my attention while answering the question “Are Spanx A Turnoff?“ Aside from the fact that […]

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Pant Suits: Back and Better Than Ever

For those of us old enough to remember the 1980’s, the words “pant suit” induce a reflexive shudder.  The following words described this androgynous get-up:  Boxy, Manly, Conservative, Stiff, Predictable, Enveloping. And while powerful women like Hilary Clinton sported a pant suit through the 90’s into the new millennium, fashionistas shied away unless forced to […]

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September– An Issue

Fashionistas are pouring through all the September fashion mags drinking in the new styles for Fall.  With close to 2,000 pages read, my bleeding (but happy!) eyes realized there’s a big problem for Austinites:  We have a good two months before the weather settles into a comfortable Fall/Winter wardrobe. Who can wait that long? What […]

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Corporate Cool in Summer Heat?

The average Austin temperature in August is 96 degrees, according to That’s the hottest month of the year, and September keeps the average at about 90 degrees! While Austin has a reputation for the Slacker lifestyle, there are plenty of successful business-minded citizens who dread summer for one reason:  Corporate Attire. Trying to close […]

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