Direst Sales Industry Goes For A Makeover

As editor-in-chief of AICI Global Magazine, I’m excited to share our April 2014 issue with you for free.  Read about what the direct sales industry has been doing to improve its reputation and stories from consultants who have or still do act as reps for these companies. I really like Debra Lindquist’s take on selling private label products as an alternatives.

And AICI’s very own Diana Olson was on HelloRoss! last month as part of a hilarious segment that shows how much the younger generations are in NEED of an image consultant.

AICI Cover DS Makeover

If you’re interested in a personal makeover, contact me. Together, we can create a Signature Style that says who you are and where you’re going. Look vibrant and healthy every day!

Thea2012-orangeThea Wood
Austin’s Signature Stylist
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