Fall Fashion Trends For The Office

Look professional and cool with these Fall fashion trends for the office that visually state “I mean business.”  These are over-40 style friendly and available through lookbooks designed to save you shopping time.  Buy those that work best for your unique signature style!


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Velvet jackets.  Choose rich colors and match with a pencil skirt or trousers.  After work, pull off the work blouse and show off the silk camisole underneath with a statement necklace – subtle yet sexy with the velvet jacket. SHOP VELVET JACKETS

Plaid. Plaid is a power print, masculine and authoritative.  Mix your plaid with a bigger or smaller print, or even with an animal print using the same color palette. SHOP PLAID

Turtlenecks under dresses.  This can get dowdy very quickly, so be sure you choose modern silhouettes and thin fabrics for a flattering layering affect. It’s a fall fashion trend that’s not for everyone so ask if it’s compatible with your style before you invest. SHOP TURTLENECKS & DRESSES

Printed suit sets and pantsuits. This is for a strong personality.  Luckily, the effect can be slimming — just remember to choose prints that aren’t too outrageous for your office work culture or you risk not being taken seriously. SHOP PRINTED SETS

Spice. Not for every skin type, but deliciously office friendly for warm-skinned women. Style Hack:  Wear the color away from your face (pant, shoes or handbag) with your favorite color– navy is a killer crossover color for most skin types. SHOP SPICEY CLOTHES

Neck candy. Chokers, neckties, blouse bows, brooches, ruffles you name it. Tip: For short or wide necks, be sure the embellishments create a “V” or scoop effect the draws the eye downward instead of horizontally. SHOP NECK CANDY

Leopard print overcoat. My stylish grandmother would have danced on a table for one. It’s the “wow” factor that makes a “entrance” in the morning but sits subtly by until happy hour. SHOP LEOPARD PRINT COATS

Block heels. The 90s are back!  The difference is that today’s block heels are more colorful and feminine than the old chunky heels. Pair them with a cropped flared trouser pant for a seriously chic look. SHOP BLOCK HEELS

Guitar straps. This is the industry’s “mot de jour” for wide straps with funky details — many are actually modified guitar straps! Any wide, embellished strap will fit the profile. I’m always a little rock-n-roll, so it works for the office in my book. SHOP GUITAR STRAPS

Baguette bags. Baguette implies a small, rectangular bag, which fits neatly into a computer/tote bag. It implies you’re organized and efficient. Conveniently pull it out for lunch or happy hour rather than toting around back-breaking luggage. No muss, no fuss! SHOP BAGUETTE BAGS

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