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Read SheSpark NOW!

Publishing SheSpark’s October #FightLikeAGirl issue was by far the most emotional issue for me.  A tissue box found permanent residency next to my computer. There were tears of sadness as readers, contributors, friends and family members detailed their fight and hardships related to breast cancer– and uterine and ovarian cancer.  There were tears of joy for the outpouring of love and support (emotionally, physically, and financially) of advertisers, clients, contributors, and readers.

It is overwhelming.

And that’s why #FightLikeAGirl is so important.  Not just for bringing awareness to cancer issues as a whole, but to show that if we all work together, we can change lives and save lives.  Compassion and strength are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, when combined, they are an unstoppable force.

PLEASE… support our “Pink RoundUp” advertisers who are donating to the cause thanks to each of your purchases.  And please share the link on social media for us.  Help us #FightLikeAGirl and promote early detection and help women warriors heal in comfort in dignity.

Features include:

** How actress Fran Drescher turned pain into purpose.

** Rock-n-roller Cherie Mathews’ “God Moment” that led her to design the Healincomfort® Recovery shirt so no mastectomy patient ever suffers in silence.

** Secret Sexy serums that are so pure yet effective that even cancer patients can use them.

**  Fall fashion (for the office) and seasonal beauty tips for women over 40.

** How positive words can actually CHANGE your DNA for the better

** How to dress for one breast — tips are also helpful if you have uneven breasts

** VIDEO: How to perform a breast self-exam from Univserity Hospitals (because after 12 mammograms and plenty of self breast exams, I *still* learned a few things.

and so much more…

Peace, love and signature style to all!

Web-Thea_Wood-0242-SQThea Wood
Signature Stylist, Co-publisher SheSpark

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