Girl Around Town: What’s Austin Chic?

Girl Around TownGirl Around Town is a new digital city guide dedicated to highlighting American cities’ hot spots and how to dress for them.  The Austin issue features a quote from little ole ME about what “Austin Chic” really means (p. 3).  Of course, we all know it’s a moving target.  When an invitation’s dress code calls for Austin Chic there are a few ways to handle it:

1. Call the host and ask what he/she is wearing. Sometimes hosts use Austin Chic as a cop-out b/c they don’t want to appear pretentious, but they really do want you to dress nicer than if, let’s say, you were going to the movies.

2.  Consider the theme. If it’s summer, it’s a BBQ and a country band is playing, your host might appreciate your attire fitting in with the fantasy she/he is trying to create. It’s considered respectful to dress accordingly — especially for Halloween.

3.  Research it. You may not be friends with the hosts (like an Austin City Limits private performance) so let the Internet work for you. Check out photos from previous events if it’s an annual occurrence.  I did this for a client who was flying into town for the Paramount Theatre’s annual charity event.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words!

4.  Call me!  Wearing your best colors, prints, silhouettes and accessories means you’ll look vibrant, healthy and chic for any event 🙂



Thea Wood
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