Instant Facelift: 5 Style Tips for Women Over 40

Is an instant facelift possible? The thought of getting a real facelift (or botox or fillers) scares the daylights out of this over-40 woman. Perhaps it’s from binge-watching too many episodes of Botched. I would surely be the person who has an adverse, disfiguring reaction to any anti-aging procedure, landing me on Dr. Nassif and Dr. DuBrow’s surgical table.

If you’re a chicken like me, try these no-risk, low-cost styling strategies for an “instant facelift” so you can look and feel healthy and beautiful at any age.


Want to hide those ever-deepening expression lines on your forehead?  Get yourself some bangs! It’s cheaper than cosmetic procedures and pain free.  Heavy bangs can weigh down the face, so if you go for a thick bang, ask your hairdresser about curving upward toward the temples– naturally lift the eyes. Instant facelift!

This tweed jacket is a favorite for work and rock concerts!

This tweed jacket is a favorite for work and rock concerts!


Camouflage wrinkles by surrounding them with texture instead of shiny, flat materials. Tweed, denim, cable knit, ruffles, lace, tassels… You get the idea. Do you have to avoid silk and satin garments? No! Just break them up near the face with accessories that minimize the textural contrast between your skin and the material. Instant facelift!



Sparkles and intricate designs work wonders for lighting up a face.  Yet, if they hang too low or create a lot of weight below the jawline, the eye will be drawn downward, creating a drooping affect. Drama is good, but try to keep it on our close to the earlobe so eyes are drawn upward and visual emphasis is away from a sagging neck or chin.


I opted for a short undercut for my instant facelift

I opted for a short undercut for my instant facelift

Yes, hair acts as the natural fabric Mother Nature gave you at birth. Haircuts with texture, layers, movement, and blended or visible highlights are your friends. Long hair can pull the face down, so play with up-dos and other styles that lift the eye upward.


Mother Nature creatively works with all of our features as we age. As our skin cools/fades, She softens our eye colors and hair so we stay aesthetically harmonious. While wearing bold or intense colors and prints can liven up our overall appearance, they can also leave our faces looking dull and faded. A few ways to minimize any negative affects:

— Throw a scarf around your neck that softens a high intensity color or print top.

I'm wearing full makeup but in natural shades for a daytime look.

I’m wearing full makeup but in natural shades for a daytime look

— Wear makeup that attracts attention to your eyes and or lips without going too dark or heavy (like smokey bedroom eyes, or high-gloss cherry red lips). Think more along the lines of dusty roses or autumn spice.

— Keep the intense statement pieces at arm’s length. That is to say, build an outfit on dramatic shoes, or a handbag or a skirt and wear fabrics near your face that are more subtle (neutrals are excellent choices) if you have subtle facial coloring.

—  If you’re completely covering your gray hair, ask your hairdresser to determine what percentage of your hair is gray.  If it’s more than 30%, you may want to consider transitioning toward your natural color scheme with the help of highlights and lowlights.  This can take up to a year or more to grow out, but only four to six months if you cut your hair short as part of the process. My hair was below my shoulders when I decided to go gray and cut my hair short.  Since then, I’ve not used any hair coloring and have been completely at ease with how my gray stands blend in with my dark brown hair. The combination of the short cut and slight graying was truly an instant facelift that I plan on keeping!

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