Is The Office Guy Giving Good Datewear Advice?



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You may have come across “Dan The Office Guy” from Daily Candy.  He’s a good looking, young bloke who dispenses advice via short videos in response to dating-fashion-technology questions from a man’s point of view.  He recently caught my attention while answering the question “Are Spanx A Turnoff?

Aside from the fact that it’s more accurate to ask “Is shapewear a turnoff?” (Spanx is a brand of shapewear like Coke is a brand of soda) the only thing we’re told about Dan is that he’s the Senior Promotions Editor.  It’s not clear how he became the go-to guy (other than being the ONLY guy) on staff for directing readers in these sensitive matters, so let’s just say he gives us something to think about.

In this case, his response is right on, but his advice misses the target.  Guy readers, your ideas on this are welcomed and appreciated– post at will.

Challenge:  Can ladies wear shapewear and keep him turned on when the veil comes off?

Solution:  Don’t ditch the shapewear, just re-think the unveiling strategy!

First of all, women find shapewear [alone] a turnoff, so of course men would as well.  However, shapewear serves a proven purpose in looking great and feeling confident in a sexy outfit. Dan advises that you leave the shapewear at home if you think the date will end intimately.  How do you feel wearing that outfit now?  What if that LBD looks half as sexy and you feel half as good without the extra support?  Now, you spend the date self-conscious and uncomfortable. It can certainly change the whole dynamic of the evening and result in no “nightcap” invitation.

Rather than kill the mood before it even begins, keep your secret security blanket and fly high.  If things do get hot and heavy, have a plan.  Before hands or eyes get too close to your mystery garment, excuse yourself to the bathroom with your handbag.  Remove the shapewear and throw it in the handbag; any self-respecting gentleman would never rummage around in there.

Then create a distraction. Freshen up that cherry red lipstick or style your hair from an up-do to a wild mane (grrrrr!!!). Have a great bosom? Unbutton the shirt for a deep cleavage view.  Have great legs?  Hike up the skirt a bit and maybe do a quick baby oil rub down for a smooth glistening– keep a sample size in your bag.  Guys, are you still with us?  What are you thinking about when we walk out of that bathroom??

Choose a strategy that works best for you and your body type.  Take into consideration whether a dress or separates will allow you to best execute your plan. Be sure your handbag is large enough to conceal the shapewear or any accessories you’ll need.  Most importantly, know that you’ve become mysterious when you head to that bathroom.  Men love mystery and soak up the anticipation.

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