Las Vegas: Top Painful Packing Mistakes


Thea & Audrey ham it up in Vegas!

I had a BLAST at the Bloggers @ Midlife Conference last weekend in Las Vegas. Meeting my SheSpark business partner Audrey and building relationships with women over 40 who will add value to the magazine as it expands.

Through the years, I’ve learned (the hard way) what to pack and what to leave at home when it comes to Vegas trips. Mainly because these oversights cause pain and misery. My wish is that you learn from my mistakes.

Mistake #1: “It’s the desert, who needs a jacket?”
I do! Unless it’s summertime, the desert gets pretty damn cold at night. It’s April, and Vegas had high gusts of wind with 54 degree lows last weekend. Casinos keep a chill in the air year round so we stay as alert as possible while handing over our money. Dress in layers (in case of a peri-menopausal hot flash), bring a jacket, wraps/scarves, or sweater.


Mistake #2: “I’m bringing my most comfortable high heels.”
HAHAHA! The Wynn’s casino floor is 118,000 square feet. Those 4″ pumps are comfortable for the first walk from your room to the Pai Gow table. That’s it. Here’s a totally politically incorrect music video (by Punch Robert) that sums up how sexy Yours Truly walks at 2AM in stilettos.

My go-to’s are now a 2.5″ max heel height, platform espadrilles or slip-ons, and kitten heels. If you *have* to go high, opt for a platform wedge for better weight distribution and cushion– but there are no gaurantees 🙂


Mistake #3: “Hangover kit of Visine, Tylenol, and caffeine.”
Stepping out of the airplane, I can feel the desert sucking the water out of my body– THROUGH MY EYEBALLS. This turns my eyes a fantastic shade of blood red before I even order my first Tito’s and soda. For years I thought Visine was the answer and poured it regularly into my lash lines. It didn’t work because Visine dries out eyes– it’s like fighting fire with fire. Add caffeine (constricting blood flow in an already dehydrated body) and Tylenol’s acetaminophen (which can cause hepatoxicity), and that hangover may turn into a trip to the ER. I now pack

Blink Eye moisturizing eye drops

Sunglasses (that I don’t mind losing)

Boiron’s hangover helper

RMB’s Natural Multi-vitamin with Vitamin B12

If worse comes to worse, call the mobile Hangover Heaven truck for a $160 to $250 super boost that’s better than the hair of the dog.

Money-saving tip: Before leaving the card table for bed, get a “free” bottle of water from the waitress. If the casino is going to take your money, at least take their water!!


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2 Responses to Las Vegas: Top Painful Packing Mistakes

  1. Jennabea Sturman September 12, 2016 at 11:52 pm #

    Mistake #3 is 100% true! The mistake I see all the time, as a paramedic, is travelers forget that Las Vegas is, indeed, a desert. Folks come in from out of town and either drink too much or eat rich foods their bodies aren’t used to, and it all adds up to a really expensive ambulance visit! Carrying bottled water is a must!

    • Thea Wood September 24, 2016 at 11:05 am #


      Thank you for sharing your experiences as a paramedic and for taking care of all us crazy tourists. It cannot possibly be an easy job– though you probably have plenty of good stories to tell 🙂

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