The Oscars 2016 REAL Spectacle

Sure, there were dazzling dresses. And priceless jewels. And protests. And pleas. And, of course, girl scout cookies.

But nothing stood out more at the Oscars 2016 than the Plain Jane black spectacles. You know the ones– they were passed around from Cheryl to Patty to Whoopi to Kate (and a handful of men). Making the rounds like a box of Thin Mints at commercial break. captured the trend.

Which leads to the question: Did stylists decide that nerd rims are “red carpet worthy” or did they all drop the ball when styling over-40 women who read best with… readers? As a viewer, I was perplexed. As an image consultant, I realized that these frames are only hip with hipster clothes or a sexy librarian ensemble. With a glamorous gown and jewels, one might believe that Cinderella’s fairy godmother crashed The Ball.

So, what’s an over-40 Glam Girl to wear when reading in front of 34 million viewers?  I have three eyewear suggestions for next years’ starlets…

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Bright colors

The Unexpected:  Lorgnettes!!


FYI:  It’s not easy finding distinctive, blingy, artistic eyewear. Give yourself plenty of lead time before the big event, whether it’s the red carpet, a wedding, or gala.

Hope these finds help all you divas look and feel like the sophisticated Belle Of The Ball!

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