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What My Class Reunion Taught Me

A few weeks ago, I posted about getting ready for the North Farmington High School 25-Year Class Reunion: The Ultimate Confidence Test. In my humble opinion, the reunion was a hit! We had almost 90 alum show up and everyone had a blast listening to 80’s music and catching up. A few observations and lessons […]

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The Ultimate Confidence Test: My High School Reunion

My 25-year high school reunion is tonight. It may be the year’s Ultimate Confidence Test. I’m not the girl I was in 1987. Can you find me in that sea of hair?? Aside from the usual hmming and haaaing over what outfit to wear, it’s time to brace for the visible, albeit subtle, reactions to […]

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Signature Style Package

What We Pay To Look & Feel Good

If you had to put a dollar value on achieving a positive self image and all the benefits that come with that confidence, what would that number be?  $100?  Or maybe $100,000? Below are some staggering statistics on what women are currently spending to look and feel better: $10-$70 per month:  Average cost for antidepressants […]

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On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakthrough

  Author, blogger and local high-riser Ruth Pennebaker doesn’t sugarcoat the aging process. In this Austin Woman Magazine interview by Spike Gillespie, she inspires us all to age gracefully but certainly not demurely. “Ruth Pennebaker is sitting on the patio of Zocalo Café in Clarksville, taking in the campechana seafood cocktail served in a martini […]

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Freckles to Cancer: One Mom’s Story

“As you may have seen, I have skin cancer, the deadliest kind…” The rest of the message became a blur as I physically reacted to this news from my client turned friend Caroline McEntee.  How does this happen to such a vibrant woman who I saw go through a style and confidence transformation that showed […]

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What Would Tim Gunn Do?

That’s the question printed on the canvas tote I received at the Lucky Brand event featuring style guru Tim Gunn Saturday.  Barton Creek Mall was packed with fans and Tim gave them exactly what they wanted:  plenty of face time and personal interaction. I have to admit that I acted a bit like a school […]

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One Night With A Rising Star

I couldn’t wait to meet Ross Bennett of NBC’s Fashion Star at the UT Club’s special viewing of the show’s fifth episode last night. We talked on the phone last week, and he is personable and enthusiastic. Face-to-face, he doesn’t disappoint. Ross greeted folks with a genuine charm, while his wife Erin sported a pair […]

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Fashion Star Viewing with Ross Bennett!

If you love the hit show Fashion Star on NBC, you’re in for a treat. Austin’s own Ross Bennett will be appearing at the University of Texas Club on April 10, 2012 for a special viewing of the show with free munchies and 2 free drink tickets. Can’t make it?  I’ll be interviewing him with a […]

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Guys! Boost Your Lady’s Sex Appeal

Gentlemen (yes, this is for the guys), Most women who seek my services include “get a serious boyfriend” or “find love” or “keep my spouse attracted to me” in their list of life goals. Not style goals, LIFE goals! That means you men are a large part of the equation in women’s complicated styling decisions. […]

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Signature Styling Catches A Killer!

Signature Styling Catches A Killer!

One of the most important aspects of Signature Styling is creating an image that speaks to who you are and where you’re going.  Your style must be true to your personality rather than imitating someone else or dressing in a manner that you think other people like or expect.  If you fake it, people eventually […]

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