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February 10, 2018

Thea Wood speaks LIVE at TEDxUTAustin

Tickets go on sale January 19 at 2PM.

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September– An Issue

Fashionistas are pouring through all the September fashion mags drinking in the new styles for Fall.  With close to 2,000 pages read, my bleeding (but happy!) eyes realized there’s a big problem for Austinites:  We have a good two months before the weather settles into a comfortable Fall/Winter wardrobe. Who can wait that long? What […]

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Corporate Cool in Summer Heat?

The average Austin temperature in August is 96 degrees, according to That’s the hottest month of the year, and September keeps the average at about 90 degrees! While Austin has a reputation for the Slacker lifestyle, there are plenty of successful business-minded citizens who dread summer for one reason:  Corporate Attire. Trying to close […]

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Dating In Never Never Land

Before I start with this week’s blog, I’d like to congratulate “Rachel” from our last challenge.  She got the job for which we did the Interview Make-Over!  Now, on to this week’s challenge… A dear friend is seeing a counselor to help her emotionally come to terms with how difficult dating can be for a […]

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The Challenge: Interview With A Makeover

The Challenge: Dear friend and client “Rachel” called with an S.O.S. She had four days to prepare for an interview which could land her a big career move.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t interviewed in 12 years and doesn’t have a thing to wear for her post-maternity body type.  We’re on a budget and tight schedule.  Time […]

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Austin Style Blog Launches

As Austin’s Personal Stylist, I’m thrilled to launch Austin Style Blog!  On a regular basis, this blog will talk about local Austin events, news and tips with regard to fashion and personal image– in particular, for men and women who live in Central Texas. Our culture is eclectic, optimistic and creative.  From cowboy boots and […]

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