How To Look Like A Rock Star #Over40

My two favorite passions: Fashion and music.  Especially rolled into one. To my absolute delight, the Grammy Museum in L.A. mixes them like DJ Mia Moretti, and I got a big taste of it a couple of weeks ago.  The famous outfits and statement pieces are just as memorable as the songs themselves thanks mostly to mass media.  After studying performers’ fashion through the decades, three main  success strategies emerge that you can rock every day. I’ve put together a collection of looks you can shop now because you’re never to old to ROCK!

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The Supremes rocked gold & glitter.

The Supremes rocked gold & glitter.

1.  All That Glitters is Gold. It became imperative to be flashy after TV started airing musical performances and audiences outgrew clubs and small theaters. Beads! Sequins! Rhinestones! Satin! Dazzling reflections of light let us know who the stars are and keep all eyes on her/him/them. Designer Bob Mackie (Cher’s fashion soul mate) built a career on this cornerstone.   In our daily wardrobe, place the light, bright and shiny on your assets. And there’s no such thing as too many accessories.  It’s a fantastic #Over40 alternative to showing lots of skin, especially when form-fitting. See Cher in all her glittering glory.



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2. Like A White Winged Dove. Scarves, flowing sleeves, feathers, etc.  The additional movement brings excitement to a performance and exaggerates the performers’ own choreography– so they don’t have to work as hard for visual stimulation. Stevie Nicks fell in love with her fringed shawls because she realized they were an attention-getter in arenas. Cyndi Lauper had fun  swinging her frocks like nobody’s business. Try these conversation-starters at parties, festivals, and (of course) concerts.


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3.  Show Your True Colors.  Color is a powerful stimulant that can bring a peaceful easy feeling, or inspire you to ROAR, or even stand up for your rights.  Choose colors that match your mood and flatter your skin/hair/eyes.  And color block so light/bright/shiny colors are on your assets and darker/soft/muted colors are on areas you want to minimize.


The Supremes dresses on display at The Grammy Museum

The Supremes dresses on display at The Grammy Museum

In all things remember that Signature Styling rules. Even in performance groups like The Supremes, costume designers soon realized that slight variations on a wardrobe theme gave each singer her own personality. These ladies all split from convention:

Madonna  – rubber bracelets and mesh

Lady Gaga – claws and armadillo shoes

Joan Jett –  leather jackets and black eye liner

Grace Jones  – anyone have a good descriptor here?!?

Annie Lennox – diva in drag

Pat Benatar – the full body leotard/jumpsuit


You don’t have to be outrageous in daily outfits, just pick a style (or even a signature item) that says who YOU are. Following the crowd only leads to the back row with a bad view.


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Are you ready to create a Signature Style that says who you are and where you’re going?  Contact me today!

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    What a fun and inspirational post. Who doesn’t want to channel their inner rockstar? Bravo. Xo Jonet

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