Sassy vs. Trashy: Formula for Success

“Short, shiny and tight” was coined by Nina Garcia on Project Runway. It succinctly describes an outfit that’s gone from sassy to trashy in the eye of Marie Claire’s creative director. We’ve all seen it; some women make it their signature style like Coco here.
Many women, especially the Over 40 crowd, experience great anxiety when choosing the perfect outfit that makes them look and feel sexy yet tasteful. No more! Use this Sassy vs. Trashy formula for success and wow your date (and everyone else’s date, too).

1 Part Skin + 1 Part Sexy Fabric Choice = Sassy

1 Part Skin

Choose your favorite body part and draw attention to it by showing a little skin. Beautiful bust? Try a deep v neckline. Great stems?  Go for that mini-skirt and strappy sandals. I love my back, so I like tops that are sheer, low cut or open in the back. And never underestimate the power of a bare shoulder!
It all goes trashy when too much skin is exposed.  Plunging necklines with micro-minis and midriff exposure, even if you have a killer bod, may be sending out the wrong message. We don’t want to look like we’re trying too hard, so don’t!  Check out how these divas show some skin.

1 Part Sexy Fabric Choice

This is where things can get muddled.  There are various fabric elements to choose from that say “sexy” and incorporating too many can quickly turn it to trashy. Choose one and you’re safe, go over that and view it with a critical eye.
Boudoir Material Element – Shiny (satin, silk, sequins), lace, leather (!), fur, mesh, nylon. If you might wear it in the bedroom, it’s a boudoir material. Notice the cuts are more conservative in these examples.
Color: Sexy colors include red, hot pink, soft pink, metallics and stand strongly on their own. If you wear a boudoir material or revealing cut, these colors might take it to trashy. Again, a critical eye is needed. Rich color tones and neutrals always look luxurious– translate to attractive.
Print: Animal prints, lace prints, anything designed to look sheer (even if it’s not) is alluring. These prints look most sophisticated in neutrals or rich color tones. And if the dress is lace, for example, overloading all your accessories in lace is a little OCD. Keep it simple.
Fit:  A form-fitting outfit screams sexy, even if you’re showing little  skin and have conservative fabrics and prints.  There’s a difference between form-fitting and too tight. Fit + a sexy color work as long as the skin factor is minimal. Go a size up if you see horizontal lines pulling across the bust, bottom or thighs.
Try this formula at home for Valentine’s Day or any date night with your honey and take the guesswork out of looking and feeling your best!
If you’re ready to create a Signature Style that says who you are and where you’re going, please call me.  I’ll teach you how to shop, create outfits, organize your wardrobe and feel confident in your personal style every day.
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