September– An Issue

Fashionistas are pouring through all the September fashion mags drinking in the new styles for Fall.  With close to 2,000 pages read, my bleeding (but happy!) eyes realized there’s a big problem for Austinites:  We have a good two months before the weather settles into a comfortable Fall/Winter wardrobe. Who can wait that long? What to do in the meantime?

Challenge:  Find ways to sport Fall trends when the weather clings desperately to Summer stylings.

Solution:  Mix, match and accessorize!

Mixing your Summer clothing in with a few Fall pieces can comfortably push you into the next season.  Slide a cardigan over a sleeveless cotton shirt, or a light-weight washable suede skirt with a short-sleeve denim top.  Those oh-so-breathable maxi dresses look great with a feminine denim jacket or light-weight blazer.

Matching color palettes is an incredible way to fall into fashion (excuse the pun).  The back-to-nature fall colors complement summer hues superbly.  Match your sea shell pink blouse with an espresso wool skirt (yes, wool BREATHES!).  Add a camel blazer to that cute little vermilion red sheath, circle a slim leopard belt, and some peep-toe dress shoes, and all eyes will be on you.  InStyle Magazine has a great online section on how to best wear this season’s colors.

Which leads to accessorizing.  Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Fall clothes until later in the season, step out and get some must-have accessories to start the transition.  Michael Kors offers an open-toed lace-up bootie that will knock everyone’s socks off (less expensive versions are out there).  I just bought this reversible leopard/black belt from Lauren by Ralph Lauren which lures all of my Summer favorites into an Autumn mood.  The new season implies richer looks, so add gold necklaces or polished stone bracelets like Austin’s Beth Kennedy dreams up.

Most importantly, shop your closet and jewelry box for items you may already have but completely forgot about.  It’s like finding money in the washing machine!

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