Signature Style Program

Designed For: Women experiencing a major life transition– or who want to start one! It’s the first step and best investment in yourself personally and/or professionally.

Price: $2,430 (paid in 2 installments)

Your Signature Style sends a visual message that speaks to who you are and where you’re going.

(Color and Design Harmony) + (Personality and Goals) = Signature Style

Since no two people are exactly the same, this custom program takes you through a process of self-discovery so you can successfully put this formula to use for yourself.

Color & Design Harmony

Custom Color Analysis. The first of two foundation styling elements. We analyze 2000+ colors and create a custom color fan and color guide for easy outfit coordination and a vibrant, healthy look. Your custom guide covers your color temperature, contrasts, intensity, and how to place color on your body type for the most flattering visual. It also talks about color psychology and how you can use your palette to influence others.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.49.07 PMBody Architecture Analysis. The second foundation styling element.  You may have heard of body types (apple/pear or rectangle, triangle). Body types are just one element in making clothing choices. We take 20 body measurements and analyze your skin, hair, and facial features. We then look at your lifestyle and style preferences to create a 15+ page custom style guide, an inspiration board on Pinterest and a personal account on You’ll save thousands by avoiding mistakes in garments, accessories, makeup choices, hairstyle choices.

Personality & Goals

Personality Assessment. Based on the Birkman Method, the About U Report is an evaluation that individuals and companies use to determine people’s strengths, motivators and stress triggers. Complete the online assessment and then review the results with psychologist Dr. Menlo of Compass Settings. Be prepared to discover changes you can make that will have a huge positive impact on your life.

Style and Lifestyle Questionnaires. These questions help me understand who you are, your lifestyle, personality and goals. Together with the About U Report, you’ll begin developing a “message” for your Signature Style.

Signed copy of Thea’s book Socially Smart & Savvy. This book contains modern approaches to styling techniques, social etiquette and communication. My chapter “Are You Ready For Your Close-up?” gives tips on styling for occasions when you might end up in front of a camera or video (think weddings, formal events, awards ceremonies, etc.).

Signature Style – Time to Get Started!

As a team, we’ll use your new tools and knowledge in creating your visual message. This includes:

A wardrobe audit. We’ll walk through the “Love It, Leave It, or Alter It” process. Think of a kinder, gentler version of TLC’s style show “What Not To Wear.” You’ll end up with a shopping list to fill any voids we find along the way.

Shopping Trip. Grabbing your color fan and style guide, you’ll spend two hours learning how to apply both when shopping. The benefit? You’ll spend less time trying on clothes that don’t work and save money by avoiding “mistakes” that never get returned.