Style Tips For Powerful Personal Branding

A powerful personal brand requires more than just dressing the part.  These style tips pertain to the visual message you present to the world. I call it your Signature Style. Remember, employers, clients, even love interests are searching your name on Google to get a full picture of who you appear to be on a daily basis.

Your personal appearance *is* the first impression both online and off.

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I wrote a piece for about how “Corporate Culture Killed The Power Suit,” and wanted to follow it up with this list of style tips that apply across the board. Whether you embrace the formal peplum skirt suit or prefer a paper-bag trouser with loafers and a print blouse, these style tips help you develop a business-friendly signature style that says who you are and where you’re going.


Personal Branding Style Tip #1

Alterations.  Ill-fitting clothes are the number one problem I come across with clients. Too short, too long, too loose, too tight.  Tags still on the pants that were never hemmed or skirt that turns in circles due to a loose waist band. A suit from Ann Taylor can look just as polished as one from Neiman Marcus with the proper fit.  When you purchase a garment, don’t wait for alterations. Ask for them on the spot.  Pull those unused garments out of your closet and take them to a tailor TODAY!

Personal Branding Style Tip #2

Balance yin and yang.  Women who work in male-dominated industries struggle with this a lot.  Dressing like a woman in a pool of testosterone can be tricky.  Conversely, dressing like a power player in a feminine industry (think pastries or makeup sales) can be just as challenging.  Ask yourself:  “Do I feel too manly or too girlie in this outfit?”

If you feel too masculine, add some yin elements (a blush silk blouse, pearls, strappy sandals).  Flowing silhouettes, touchable fabrics, happy colors are all yin elements.

If you feel too girlie, add some yang elements (navy blazer, pointed pump, a neat french twist updo).  Geometric prints, strong design lines, neutral hues, and woven materials are all yang elements.

This can be a tough one, so feel free to email me for a 30-minute Skype consultation.


Personal Branding Style Tip #3

Add a “signature” element. Anna Wintour’s bob, Hilary Clinton’s pantsuit, Madeleine Albright’s brooches, Ellen DeGeneres’ menswear-inspired outfits, Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds. Remarkable women take a physical asset or favorite accessory or “look” and make it their own. It’s a tested success strategy, and it can work for you. Don’t be afraid!  Find a signature that makes your heart sing and put it to work for you.


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