Swimsuit Tips for Large Thighs/Long Waist

Today’s Bathing Beauty pick is for the triangle-shaped women who carries her weight in her thighs. Many of these ladies (including myself), have long waists and have a hard time with one-piece suits. So, here are a few tips along with a few options for one-piece and two-piece suits.

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Tip #1

Tankini’s are the perfect answer for long-waisted ladies who can’t get a comfy fit from a one-piece.  Bikini’s with a belt or waist-level embellishment is good for those who want to show off their tummies (many triangles sport great abs and should show them off). Watch out for baby doll styles that flow through the waist as they can make you look pregnant when you’re already bottom heavy. Fitted is best.

Tip #2

Choose tank straps instead of halters. This broadens the shoulder to balance out the bottom weight. A thicker strap is best if you’re a cup size D or larger. Now that rashguard tops are in, you get skincoverage and look super cool– not frumpy suits here!

Tip #3

Excellent support with some padding in the bra will draw attention to the bust and balance your top and bottom for a more hourglass figure. And remember, shoulders down and back for excellent posture and upward attention.

Tip #4

It’s counter-intuitive but choose a bottom color that’s nice and bright. What?!? That’s right!  We want to take attention away from the outer-thigh. The best way is to draw the eye inward. Then, use a color print on top to draw even more attention to upward and inward. Consider this: a black bathing suit will make your body seem even smaller, which makes your thighs look bigger!  This is especially true if you carry weight in you have saddle bags.

Here are some great examples to get you started.  If you have any other swimsuit questions or would like to learn more about how to create a signature style that says who you are and where you’re going, please contact me.



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