The Challenge: Interview With A Makeover

The Challenge: Dear friend and client “Rachel” called with an S.O.S. She had four days to prepare for an interview which could land her a big career move.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t interviewed in 12 years and doesn’t have a thing to wear for her post-maternity body type.  We’re on a budget and tight schedule.  Time to roll!

Day 1:   Rachel and I got to work the very next day.  First thing after work, she came in for a custom color analysis.  Within 90 minutes and 1,200+ color tests, she realized that colors she thought she would wear to the interview weren’t doing her justice.  We decided to focus on dark browns, creams and a splash of color like turquoise or peach.

Day 2:  After completing her body measurements, we then visited her home wardrobe.  About 80% of her clothes were pre-maternity and the one or two interview-worthy clothes were bright whites or deep blacks, both of which would ultimately cause gray shadows on her warm skin.  She had an adorable Coach alligator leather handbag in peach and flattering brown pumps, so we had some cute accessories and base colors to work with for the interview.  We even found a great office outfit for her to wear the next day to boost her pre-interview confidence. It worked!  She received a number of compliments, including the ever-desirable “Have you lost weight?” inquiry.  Bingo!

Day 3:  The next morning, Rachel visited her hairdresser with a photo featuring a haircut perfect for her oval face.  He expertly executed the cut, which gave her a more sophisticated and natural look.  In the evening, we hit a budget-friendly store and began with the most difficult fit:  Pants and skirts. (We all have that one piece that never seems to fit our bodies properly.)  Being post-maternity, her waist was still larger than her hips, plus she’s petite with a large bosom and a flat bottom. And to top it off, there is no time for alterations! Clothes shopping under these conditions can be emotionally taxing, but Rachel was on a mission and didn’t let her nerves get the best of her. It took a few go-arounds but we finally found an adorable cropped almost copper-colored pant that slimmed her down, minimized the waist line and wasn’t baggy in the bottom.  We then topped it off with a smart, V-neck cream colored cotton Tee and a dark brown blazer that fit her like a glove.  We also found a second jacket with copper-brown and cream textured fabric and stylish buttons and stitching. Both jackets really dressed up the tee, which came in handy since the temperature was due to be in the mid-90’s. The waistline appeared perfectly proportioned with her chest, hips and legs in both jacket options.  She already had a lovely collection of gold and bead jewelry that would match the outfits and handbag, so the ensemble was complete.  Before leaving, I provided Rachel with a folder full of interview tips, interview methods, sample questions and what employers were looking for in the position she wanted.  All great study tools to help you feel more confident going into an interview.

Day 4:  Rachel’s interview went very well.  She was prepared and felt at ease in her new attire.  She is now one of four candidates remaining, and we wish her all the best!!

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