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“Insure Your Interview Success”  Thea Wood interviews Anna Soo Wildermuth, AICI Global Magazine October 2015 (page 18-19)






AustinWayMag-09-15“The List” Fall 2015 featured in Austin Way Magazine.









imageWhat NOT to Wear to Festivals & On-Trend Alternatives with Amanda Salinas, Good Day Austin







Johnny, Thea, Melinda, JB

Johnny, Thea, Melinda, JB


“Let’s Talk” with JB In the Morning on Classic 105.3 FM and Melinda Garvey of Austin Woman Magazine (2015)







austinwomanlogoThea Wood & The Business of Finding Your Style Formula (2015)









AutoDealerLivePersonal Branding Sells Cars (video, 2015)











Pool-side Chic For Five Body Types (2015)

Spring Trends on Good Day Austin (2015)





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“10 Glamorous Style Lessons From Christina Hendrix”  (2015)

“Forget 50 Shades – Here Are 10 Ways to Wear Gray” (2014)

“Pattern Phobia Be Gone: How To Wear Flattering Prints” (August 2013) “Feeling Blue? Get Your Best Jeans Ever” (July 2013)
“10 Ways to Revamp Your Little Black Dress” (July 2013)



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“Don’t Let Allergy Face Ruin Your Summer” (July 2013) contributor


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“Personal Shoppers on a Budget” (August 2013)

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“How To Dress for Austin Chic” (July 2013)


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Current Editor-in-Chief

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“Why Do You Love Your Business?” contributor (July 2013) Discovering the Warrior Princess Within Tele-summit (August, 2013)



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“Interview with Fashion Stylist Thea Wood” (May 2012)

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“Sass & Style” on-air discussion with Christia Sale, author of The Most Selfish Woman in America.

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Audio interview hosted by Vivian Worden, CEO