Thinner In 30 Challenge: Week 1

My over-40 body holds onto weight like my son holds onto his iPad: with great tenacity. After my hysterectomy in October 2013, post-op side effects, scar tissue, and digestive issues plagued me, resulting in weight gain and muscle loss.  A previously “easy” 3-mile run resulted in UTI symptoms for days afterward, though tests always came up negative.  My life as a runner sadly came to a close.

Thanks to dietary changes, I was able to lose 15 pounds last Fall.  I pretty much gave up carbs except for Saturdays. Try eating 20 or less carbs per day. It isn’t easy, and lasted for about 3 months.  Taking enzymes and probiotics helped, but now I’ve plateaued and am looking for extra help.


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ENTER: The Thinner In 30 Challenge

Jenna Wolfe (remember her from the Today Show?) will be LIVE at #SheSparkChat on Twitter June 22nd, 8pm CT talking about her new book “Thinner In 30: Small Changes That Add Up to Big Weight Loss in 30 Days.” I pulled out the book and began reading last week thinking “Now this is something that seems pretty do-able.”



Jenna calls them daily “changes.” I call them “challenges.” The idea is to incorporate one each day and keep it part of your routine throughout the 30 days and beyond. Get the book to see all changes (not covering them all in my reports) and understand the specific goals of each.

Water challenge: Pretty easy for me. But I do realize that without it on my daily checklist, I’m walking around fairly dehydrated (terrible for my already droopy metabolism).

Food Diary challenge:  UGH.  This is the worst. I hate writing down my food consumption more than cleaning a toilet. Not only because it takes time, but because I’m now painfully aware of how much I enjoy an alcoholic beverage (or two) with dinner or while watching Game Of Thrones.

Buy A Fitbit from

Buy A Fitbit from

10,000 Steps challenge: Ahhh, something I can handle mentally.  This one puts my new Fitbit to good use (thanks, Mom!) and keeps me accountable. Does exceeding the count one day make up for missing it the next?  May be a good question for Jenna during the #SheSparkChat.



Simple Carb challenge: After eating almost no carbs for months, this challenge isn’t as bad as it sounds.  However, if you’re drinking a vodka and soda (zero carbs, zero sugar), does that still count as a simple carb or simply a calorie count? Another good question for Jenna…

Two Exercises Challenge: Just started this one today. Thinking one upper and one lower body exercise.  I’m dusting off those 5-pound hand weights and getting to work after wrapping up this post.

WEEK 2 Thinner In 30 Challenge (Every Day is Fat Tuesday in New Orleans)

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