Thinner In 30 Challenge – Week 2

Every day is “Fat Tuesday” in New Orleans.



Now, I was pretty pumped about last weekend’s trip.  I packed Jenna Wolfe’s book “Thinner In 30” so I could stay on track. In case you missed it, I challenged myself to Jenna’s workout plan– you can read Week 1 here. This in itself is a testament to my commitment.  Not only did I exceed my 10K daily steps (averaging 14K), I also kept up with my two sets of exercises. See how happy I am in my party hair and bling?  That was Thursday night.




See this?  This is my first meal in New Orleans:

IMG_00276 chargrilled oysters (dripping in butter and topped with cheese)
1 lb of crawfish
1/2 ear of corn
1 redskin potato
A cup of cole slaw
2 Tito’s vodka and sodas

Consider that the healthiest meal of the long weekend.  Sadly, I gained 4 lbs in four days.

I was pretty good about not eating simple carbs after 6PM, except for wine with dinner. But I gave myself permission to drink Tiki drinks at lunch and complex carbs at dinner (I used to do no carb at night, but Jenna said we’re not totally removing food groups) because… well… look at all those flippin’ steps I’m taking!! And I’m still adding new changes:

Re-Do How You Chew challenge: This takes focus. Try chewing each bite 20 times. My husband tried it with me at brunch and gave up after three bites. My problem was losing count, especially when talking with friends, the waiter, my honey. Yes, I talk a lot, my jaw moves a lot. Why doesn’t this count toward chews?!? Jenna explains it in the book.

Adjust Your Expectations challenge: This came at the right time, but in NOLA, it’s easy to take it the wrong way.  I gave myself an excuse for eating fatty/carby foods, as long as I kept out the simple carbs at night.

I was a hot, bloated mess by Sunday– even with the added exercise changes. This is an opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

I suggest you don’t travel for Day 8 through Day 10 of the challenge. The closest to Jenna’s “Fast Food” definition the hotel offered was chocolate-covered bananas and raisins. Finding a quiet space to “Disengage For 5” wasn’t easy either. So I started incorporating those changes when I got back from the trip.  Even went to the grocery store last night and bought all kinds of finger-friendly fruits and veggies for my fast food. Since arriving home 2 days ago, I lost 1.5 pounds of the weight I’d gained.

Looking at my food diary, the moral of the story became as clear as the bulge on my thighs:


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