Thinner In 30 Challenge: Week 4

As I integrated the last handful of small changes that Jenna Wolfe outlines in her “Thinner In 30” book, three things occurred to me:

  1.  I’ve accomplished more in the past month in diet and exercise than I have in the past year.
  2. I was a flabby, dehydrated mess four weeks ago.
  3. Scales lie.
Comes in 6 cool colors! Click to browse

Comes in 6 cool colors! Click to browse

According to my Fitbit, hitting 10,000 steps is equivalent to ~5 miles. Because I drive everywhere, this required me to hit the trail every day– walking at first and eventually running to satisfy Change #20.  That means ~150 miles are now under my On Cloudsurfers. WOW! My yoga instructor also customized my therapeutic routines to meet the requirement for three 30-minute workouts. I just perform the routine 2x daily to get the 60-minute workouts (Change #29).

While Week 1 was easy, Week 2 was a true setback and a lesson learned. Fortunately, by the end of Week 3, I’d lost the Fat Tuesday weight. And by the end of this week, I lost another two pounds.  Now, after all these eating and exercise changes, you may expect the scale to say I’ve lost a lot more than that.  That’s why I know my scale isn’t telling the truth. Well, at least not telling the full story. My clothes fit better, and I feel stronger every day.  Plus, my over-40 body is getting the water it is supposed to have. Since hydration and muscle weigh more than dehydration and flab, it stands to reason that the scale isn’t a good indicator of the real progress made. Think fat loss, not weight loss.


Jenna Wolfe – my fitness muse!

A few lessons I learned along the way:

  1. Travel can be a deal killer. Until you’re in a solid routine with all of your changes, I suggest sticking close to home if you can. Or at least avoid New Orleans. Or any destination where the main draw is food and alcohol.
  2. Make a list. Thirty changes are hard to keep up with. I wrote mine down in the “notes” section of my iPhone, so I could refer to them when I woke up and before I sat down to eat.
  3. Be diligent about the food diary. It really works, even if you hate it. Sugar’s not my thing, but the extra calories/sugar from my glasses of wine with dinner became very obvious thanks to my diary. Now, I reserve drinks for two nights a week and keep it to Prosecco or Tito’s and soda.




I’m so excited about the live Twitter chat with JennaWolfe on May 25, 2016 at 8PM central time. Follow #SheSparkChat at that time, and you not only talk with Jenna but may also win a copy of Thinner In 30 for a trivia prize. She is such a delight and has some great stories to tell. I hope you’ll join the fun!


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