Thinner In 30 Challenge: Week 3

After the major setback and rebound experienced in Week 2, I hit the ground running (literally) in Week 3 of my “Thinner In 30 Challenge” designed by fitness guru and over-40 sister Jenna Wolfe. Let me preface this post by saying I’m feeling pretty damn strong compared to three weeks ago. Here’s the update…


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Wardrobe challenge:  Yes, styling has an impact!  Jenna advises you find your “power” outfit for working out.  This is something I’m passionate about as a stylist. Tell me to wear running tights and a sports bra to the gym, and guess what? I’ll stay home. Focus on combinations that draw attention to your assets, which automatically minimizes problem areas. For example, I’m bottom heavy, so I wear bright, graphic concert tees with a dark skort (or dark straight-leg yoga pants) to draw attention upward and create balance. Reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, electric blues and sporty greens are full of energy and can help you excel physically, so wear them!  Title Nine has a lot of options for women over 40.



My running buddy Spike (post-exercise)

My trail buddy Spike (post-exercise)


30-Minute Exercise challenge: This replaces the “2 exercise” challenge from Week 1. I worked with my therapeutic yogi (Yoga RX) on a routine that integrates reps that strengthen my whole body without causing any trauma to my pelvic region. By extending the yoga time and inserting these reps, I can feel the muscle coming back.  This coincides with the 500-Calorie Deficit change and the Make Everyday Challenging change. My answer to these is getting my butt on the trails at least 3x a week (increasing my running intervals) and using hand weights or pushups while watching TV.

For the first time in ages, I’m completing 3-mile run/walk interval training without the horrible post-surgery side effects that plagued me since 2013.

Pre/Post Workout Food and Advanced Meal Prep challenges: Never one for eating before a workout (it can make me nauseous), I’m giving this one a try. Now eating habitually after my run/walks. A piece of cheese and a fruit pre-game. Thinking about a protein drink– but many have soy and wheat in them.

Prepping meals a week in advance is laughable for me. First, I hate cooking and depend on my husband or carry-out. Second, I hate cooking.  But I started writing down what I plan to eat over the next week, which holds me more accountable. Kind of like that damn food diary. For breakfast today, I had 2 farm eggs and a cup of leftover kale salad mixed with onions and tomatoes. I barely recognize myself.

ThinnerIn30CoverOnly one more week of my 30 Days To Thinner challenge. Join me LIVE with Jenna Wolfe on June 22nd at 8pm CT. Follow @SheSparkChat on Twitter for details. We’ll be giving away copies of her book to three lucky trivia winners!!

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