Webinar: Preparing For Mr. Right: The Inside-Out Approach to Finding True Love

“I haven’t been on a date in ages; what am I doing wrong?”

“Why do I attract men who aren’t right for me?”

“Will I ever find true love?”

We hear it too often.  Incredibly bright, beautiful, thoughtful women who feel like true love eludes them.  If you’re one of these women, you are not alone!  Here are some statistics that really hit home:

53.2% of women over 18 are unmarried, according to 2016 U.S. Census.

36% of U.S. single women currently use or have previously used online dating (compared to 56% of men), according to Statista.

50% + people fabricate some or all of their online profiles, according to DatingAdvice.com.

1 in 4 currently never-married adults will remain unmarried when 40 and 50 years old, per a CityLab research article.

If you’re ready to take serious steps toward manifesting the love of your life, transformative life coach Stephanie Train Puente and certified image consultant Thea Wood want to help.  We’re teaming up for a LIVE WEBINAR designed to help you reach your true love goal — starting from the inside out.

Webinar: Preparing for Mr. Right: The Inside-Out Approach to Finding True Love


Stephanie and Thea take a two-pronged, “from the inside out” approach in this interactive 45-minute webinar.

PART 1:  3 Secrets To Finding The Love Of Your Life

Are you longing to have a meaningful, passionate and lasting relationship with a partner?
Do you have a history of partnerships that leave you frustrated and wishing for more intimacy and purpose?
Would you love to feel less stress and have more fun in the dating process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Stephanie Puente, Certified Life Mastery Consultant for this segment! During this interactive presentation, you will:

– Gain a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs impact your relationships and your results.
– Design a clear vision of the relationship you’d love to have.
– Learn 3 secrets that will help move you through limiting beliefs like self-doubt and fear and accelerate you toward your vision and creating the love of your life!

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PART 2:  How to Attract A Man… Style Profiling Strategies That Work Online and IRL

It’s hard to attract the love of your life if he can’t see you! Certified image consultant and author Thea Wood specializes in helping women create a Style Profile– the combination of factors that leads to a desired first impression. In this case: finding love. In this segment, you’ll create a Style Profile that:

— Conveys your personality in a way that attracts the “right” guys.

— Enhances your natural beauty.

— Integrates proven color and design strategies that men like (even if they don’t realize it).

You’ll walk away from this seminar feeling more in control of your personal image and the men you attract. PLUS you’ll get a free gift!

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About Stephanie Puente

stephanie puente webinarStephanie Puente is the President of CoreFactor Transformative Coaching and is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant through the Life Mastery Institute. She’s passionate about helping people to create their ideal results for full spectrum wealth and success so that they can live their best life and have a greater impact in all that they’re wanting to be and do. She offers individual and group coaching programs that take people through a transformative system that helps them to clarify their vision, expand their belief system and achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. She’s also a sought after speaker and has offered engaging and interactive workshops around the country to organizations both large and small. In addition to over 20 years of study in personal development, Stephanie’s career includes 20 years in marketing and communications, business administration, and event planning for the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City; Christie’s Great Estates, the real estate division of Christie’s Auction House in Santa Fe, NM; an international law firm in Washington, D.C.; and an award-winning children’s music school in Austin, TX. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas in Austin and continues to invest in advanced training and education through the Life Mastery Institute.

About Thea Wood

Thea Wood is a professional image consultant and TEDx speaker who developed the Style Profile method of creating your own signature style. Her latest book, The Intentional Makeover: 5 Steps to Creating A Signature Style That Says Who You Are And Where You’re Going, is now available. Thea is also the publisher of SheSpark®, a digital magazine dedicated to promoting positive self image and lifestyles for women over 40. Thea’s experience in high tech and entertainment industries exposed her to the struggles that women in male-dominated industries face daily. In her words: “My biggest motivation at this point is to help give women the confidence to become an equal force in this world. I want to see more female CEO’s, more female politicians, more female Pulitzer Prize winners, more Oscar-winning female directors, and more female rock bands!”