What “Lean In” Taught Me

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All I can say is:       WORTH EVERY PENNY

At the AICI Conference in Phoenix last month, numerous praises and references bounced around seminars and social gatherings regarding “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.  Naturally, I ordered it from Amazon.com and within one chapter, it was clearly a Revelationary Reading must.

Sandberg is the current Facebook COO, a mother and mentor. Not only does she discuss her own struggles in male-dominated industries (yes, she names names), she offers advice for women who want to sit at the big boys table. Whether you’re thinking about a new career, well on your way, or already in the Board Room, there’s a lot to learn here.

More importantly, I learned that I have a lot to teach. And if we want things to improve personally, professionally, economically and socially for women, it’s important to share that knowledge so women become key decision-makers and participants. Fortunately, I have mentors like Leatrice Eiseman, Elaine Stoltz and fellow AICI members to inspire and instruct.  Sadly, few women have experts who are willing to do the same.

Case in point: a lovely young lady named Ireisha reached out to me saying she was following her dream of becoming a personal stylist and hoped to ask me some questions. Remembering what Sandberg said about stepping up to the plate, I offered to meet her for tea and give her whatever insights I could.  Not only did she appreciate the feedback, but I also found someone who could help me with my own business. Win-Win!

Ireisha mentioned that she had contacted other stylists before me and each one had “the same response”– which was her polite way of saying they blew her off.  Just think, if it happens in the image consulting industry (which is dedicated to HELPING PEOPLE), imagine how hard it is in other industries.

The importance of mentoring is just one takeaway from Lean In.  I’d love to hear which gems resonated the most with you.  Buy “Lean In” and let’s work together on reaching our goals. It takes a team to live the dream.




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