What We Pay To Look & Feel Good

Signature Style PackageIf you had to put a dollar value on achieving a positive self image and all the benefits that come with that confidence, what would that number be?  $100?  Or maybe $100,000? Below are some staggering statistics on what women are currently spending to look and feel better:

$10-$70 per month:  Average cost for antidepressants per month for an average of 6-8 months (approximately 12 million women experience clinical depression yearly).

$1200 – $3200 per year: Average cost of Botox for facial features (based on four yearly treatments).

$1704:  Average women spend on clothing annually, Time Magazine. Only 20% is worn regularly.

$50,000: Average amount of money women spend on their hair in a lifetime, according to a Tresemme survey.

$10,000,000,000: Total expenditures for surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in 2010. And growing!  West Coasters lead the pack.

$68,700,000,000: Approximate annual expenditures on weight loss products and services (including Bariatric surgery), according to the Healthy Weight Network.

The goals are clear:
1.  Look slimmer
2.  Appear vibrant and healthy
3.  Minimize stress and its consequences
4.  Positively influence what people think about you

Let Me Help You Reach These Goals.

My Signature Style Program is designed to help you achieve all of these goals and can be even further customized for your unique situation.  After digesting the statistics above, it may very well be the most cost-effective investment you can make in yourself.

Studies show 84% percent of Americans believe a woman’s appearance affects whether she is asked to represent her company at outside meetings, and three in four believe it affects whether she is taken seriously (76%), asked to participate in meetings with upper management (74%), or is well regarded by colleagues and supervisors (74%).  You can’t change that people judge a book by its cover, but you CAN put the odds in your favor by designing your own “cover” with an intentional message to achieve specific results.

One of my Signature Style clients came to me with low self-esteem, feeling old, over-weight, and struggling with the direction of her career.  Soon after starting the program, everyone around her could see a change. The immediate and positive feedback proved her new message was loud and clear.  Her confidence level jumped, she began shedding the pounds, dressing with a new flair, and gained the courage to change careers to something that better matched her values, strengths and personality.  She’s just one of many who have used the Signature Style Program’s knowledge and tools and made it work successfully for them.

If you’d like to learn more, contact me for a complimentary consultation.  We’ll discuss your needs and how my services can help you.

Have A Signature Day!

Thea Wood
Signature Stylist


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